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Who we are

CEO Greetings

Established in 2010 with a leading brand orientation in Vietnam's precision mechanical supporting industry - providing machine components, semiconductor devices, medical equipment and industrial machine components other, Viet Nhat has continuously strived to pursue its mission towards sustainable success.

Throughout the production process at the factory, our company has realized that optimizing production costs and services in quick delivery is the guideline of the manufacturing industry. Because of that, Viet Nhat Continuously improve production quality, apply advanced technology, along with professional and flexible working experience of modern trends to meet customer needs and maximize service quality.

Viet Nhat Committed to prestige through efforts and striving to continue providing perfect products for the new era.

Viet Nhat Precision

History begin

Going through more than 10 years of construction and development, experiencing many difficulties of a mechanical enterprise in Vietnam. Viet Nhat has gradually affirmed its position, creating prestige and brand in the mechanical industry market, being a trusted friend and partner of large investors, especially in the field of providing components for industry. domestic and international support.

In the early days of establishment, it was as difficult as many young economic units, with a limited business scale and rudimentary machinery, so the main products were simple and limited to the following fields: manufacturing Machine components are simple and rudimentary

With determination, enterprising spirit, creative exploration ability, expanding market search and investing in modern, high-tech equipment, improving production capacity and competitiveness. From there, a new direction opens up Viet Nhat

The year 2014 marked a major turning point in our development process. Viet Nhat cooperates with Japanese and American companies, which are markets that require high technical standards and large-scale production capacity.

Our proud turning point. 2019 with the epidemic situation Covid happened, we tried to overcome it and revenue jumped during this time.

In 2020 we built a new spacious factory. We strongly invest in new equipment to replace all previous old machines. We are proud to be a supplier that accompanies the development of our customers, meeting all customer requirements in the field of precision mechanical processing.

  • Charter capital: 500.000 USD
  • Investment capital: 2.000.000 USD
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Employees: 50 people
  • Revenue: 1.800.000 USD
  • Charter capital: 500.000 USD
  • Investment capital: 1.800.000 USD
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Employees: 45 people
  • Revenue: 2.200.000 USD
  • Charter capital: 500.000 USD
  • Investment capital: 1.450.000 USD
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Operating at EB19 factory
  • Employees: 45 people
  • Revenue: 1.525.000 USD
  • Charter capital: 500.000 USD
  • Investment capital: 1.200.000 USD
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Operating at EB19 factory
  • Employees: 35 people
  • Revenue: 915.000 USD
  • Charter capital: 500.000 USD
  • Investment capital: 1.200.000 USD
  • To build a factory
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Employees: 30 people
  • Revenue: 925.000 USD
  • Charter capital: 250.000 USD
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Employees: 23 people
  • Revenue: 700.000 USD/year
  • Charter capital: 50.000 USD
  • Shareholders 2 people
  • Staff: 10 people
  • Revenue: 75.000 USD/year
Viet Nhat Precision


Accompanying the Company is a team of skilled technical staff who are well-trained and comprehensively developed following the modernization trend from universities and the working environment in Japan.

We look for people who can use their personal superpowers while living our company principles. Our employees find satisfaction in solving problems, collaborating, working diversely and learning new skills. With the motto of effective and outstanding development, we do that by gathering and training talented and enthusiastic human resources to effectively meet the requirements of our customers.



Employees are the core of the company. Viet Nhat is built on a tradition of pride in craftsmanship, mutual trust, personal integrity, respect for the dignity of each individual, spirit of cooperation, and high compliance with regulations. procedures and general regulations of the company. We seek to promote the cultures of different regions to form a unified group that works together and develops together.
We cultivate a leadership style that embraces an attitude of autonomy and individual rights: personal initiative, teamwork with employee participation and continuous improvement, openness, communication with each other , sharing experiences and difficulties at work.
We promote the entire company system and information system to develop individual skills that can meet assigned tasks and effectively meet customers' requirements.
We want employees to share about the company's success, both financially as well as information about their work and personal development.
Therefore, we encourage friendly and courteous rules of conduct that are consistent with the culture of behavior: the way employees behave with employees, and between employees and management in the workplace.
The company always welcomes the input of each individual who has come up with ideas for new and improved products. It was a learning opportunity that we all shared with each other. We seek to promote and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit – a belief that growth and continuous improvement is the work of every individual and every member of the company.
We are always grateful to the employees who have contributed to the company's development process, which is the pride of a great body and continue to promote this value.

Viet Nhat Precision


Suppliers are our partners, an extension of the company. They contribute to our success and development. Suppliers must share our commitment to sourcing and overall quality that exceeds customer expectations.


Customers are our business.

We always accept feedback from customers about anything unsatisfactory. We will receive and improve to bring the best quality to customers. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.
We always improve to serve customers and are always a solid belief for customers with the motto "Create Value - Build Trust“ providing quality products and prompt services to suit the diverse requirements of customers from domestic and international markets.
Long-term customers are more important than immediate results. We will do what we have committed to and always try to do more than what we have committed to.
We are always grateful to our customers and serve them at all times, demonstrating a sense of friendliness, warmth, and mutual respect in our relationships with customers, becoming the company customers like to work with the most.

Viet Nhat Precision

Work environment

The company is home. We will be leaders who not only protect but also enhance the world.

Recognizing that pride in the company and the work environment are closely linked, we seek to share, but not impose, our own values in the work environment in which we live. . We also strive to make our work environment a great place to live.

We believe that the greatest contribution we can make to the well-being and quality of work life is to operate in a dynamic and ever-evolving company.


Profit is one of the important factors in objectively evaluating the business development situation of an enterprise. This index shows how to operate and serve customers effectively. Profit is the financial source we invest in and develop future-oriented businesses and is a prerequisite for achieving business activities.


Strive to become a leading enterprise in the development of Vietnam's supporting industries.

Become a competitive and recognized brand worldwide.



With partners: Together for sustainable development.

For employees: Talent is the core competitive force in the company's development.

About production: Optimize production to create the best products at reasonable prices.

About quality: Quality is the starting point to create value and reputation for Viet Nhat.

Viet Nhat Precision

Why Choose Us

Technical capability

Viet Nhat has a team of staff with high technical capacity gained from practical experience. Viet Nhat specializes in processing products with complex shapes with high precision, creating perfect products that satisfy customers. Machining jigs are manufactured at the factory and processed in a short time using a unique machining process.

Thorough quality control

Repay the trust of our Customers with absolute quality control and careful repetition at the production stage. Instead of ending past failures with failures, we thoroughly investigated each cause and provided remedies, while maintaining thorough quality control.

Extremely fast delivery response

From people, equipment, production systems to quality assurance to achieve extremely short delivery times. Viet Nhat always establishes optimal processing processes for each project with the goal of shortening Time to Market for Customers. The value of our experience is that we can provide hundreds of choices for customers in trial production, sample production and small quantity shipments with the best quality in the fastest time.

Work motivation

The efforts of each of us are the driving force behind the growth of Viet Nhat. We value internal communication and focus on the development of young employees through systematic training and evaluation. With the desire to create the best products that no other company can match.

Competitive price

At a price that customers are satisfied with. Viet Nhat will respond flexibly with a wide range unlike anywhere else. We not only source good quality and low-cost raw materials, but also shorten processing time by researching processing technology, constantly making various improvement efforts at the factory to reduce costs. fee.